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Pocket Cooker

The Pocket Cooker is easy to set up and fold away.  It quickly cooks or fries simple meals, or canned foods.

Safe for outdoors and everywhere, the Pocket Cooker is friendly to man and nature.  Fire build up is quick, easy and fully contained within the walls and lid, representing no hazard to you or the environment.

A "must have" for campers, hikers, backpackers, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, etc.

Main Features:
Light, collapsible, compact - No special fuels needed
Fast, efficient - Cooks, boils, heats meals in minutes
Safe, nature friendly, reliable - For use all year round
Sturdy & simple, built of heavy duty materials, it requires very little care  

Price per Unit: $12.95 (+ shipping)
Call for wholesale pricing.


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