About Innovative Products, Inc.
Innovative Products, Inc. was established in 1989 by Simon Shimonovitc, President and Owner, to enhance marketing and sales of his new product, the Traymate - a unique patented product he invented. The highly successful marketing and sales were to be used as a leverage to add new, innovative and unique products to the company inventory, laying the foundation for who Innovative Products, Inc. has become today.

From its beginning, Innovative Products, Inc. focused in the development and manufacturing of unique products in the US and abroad, based on extensive connections with foreign manufacturers. Focusing in well-defined markets and local niches, Innovative Products, Inc. imports a wide range of products from several foreign countries.

Innovative Products, Inc. is a vendor to major retailers such as Wal-Mart, mail order companies such as Starcrest of California, and Publisher's Clearing House. We have also had items run with the Home Shopping Network as well as QVC.

Many of our original products are continuously manufactured and successfully sold - the Traymate and Traymate 3, the Massage Steering Wheel Cover, the Electrostatic "Magic" duster, and the Magic Cap - just to name a few.

Besides the above-mentioned best-sellers, we also offer a varying line of gift, seasonal, housewares, and novelty items such as:

Creative Greetings Be sure to look at our most unique item, the "Smart Bin" the trash can of the future with a motion-censored, automatic opening. With it's "no-touch" approach, it was created for doctor's offices, labs, home office, as well as for the everyday use in your very own kitchen.

We encourage our customers to stop by often, as we carry an ever-changing line of products you never know what you might find!


Digital Pressure Cooker
Deep Fryer
Lazer Flare Warning Light
Magic Cap
Massage Steering Wheel Cover
Mini Duster
Miracle Duster
Pocket Cooker
Princess Hair Dryer
Smart Bin
Thinking of You
Traymate 3
Turbo Chopper - 10 piece
Turbo Chopper - 19 piece
Vario Nose & Ear Trimmer

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